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Alternative fragrance Narcotic Powder Eau de Parfum-100ml

Alternative fragrance Narcotic Powder Eau de Parfum-100ml


A sophisticated fragrance for women, velvety strong and delicate at the same time, it is a warm and overpowering fragrance that embodies memory.

Narciso Rodriguez always uses musk mainly in the heart of his perfumes

Narciso Powder Perfume uses musk to present femininity in its natural, mature form

It forms a cloud of perfume that softly damages the body like a transparent covering and interacts with it to make a sense of happy dreams.

The first stage of the fragrance in which the powdery musk merges with the velvety scent of jasmine (jasmine) and the Bulgarian rose

Then the musk turns into its warm, strong form when it is combined with the woody base of fatfire. Cedar wood

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