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Armani Si Intense Eau de Parfum-100ml

Armani Si Intense Eau de Parfum-100ml


C Eau de Parfum Intense by Giorgio Armani embodies the confidence that a C woman exudes.

An irresistibly attractive modern woman, distinguished by strength, femininity and freedom, this new intense fragrance gives her a captivating elegance.

This women's perfume is distinguished by the nectar of black currant, and this enchanting scent is extracted from the heart of the fruit.

It also highlights the breezes of the Sparta rose, planted in the Turkish region of Isparta, known as the "City of Roses", harmonious with the attractive velvet Davana.

Together, these notes give the fragrance an intense and intense effect.

The notes of patchouli and a touch of benzoin resin give the composition an overwhelming effect. The glass bottle is presented with a lacquer layer that decorates it in a transparent dark nude color that complements the color of the precious and attractive aromatic liquid.

Eau de Parfum Intense combines intensity, seduction and elegance, and invites women to live life to the fullest.

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