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Reminiscence Patchouli Eau De Toilette- 100ml

Reminiscence Patchouli Eau De Toilette- 100ml


Reminiscence Patchouli Perfume by Reminiscence, Deep and sensual,

Reminiscence Patchouli is ideal for evening wear.It features a strong

smoky accord undercut with herbal and earthy notes, making it a rich, seductive perfume for women.

The herbal top note of patchouli serves as

the top note for this fragrance while heart notes of French labdanum, creamy vanilla,

sensual tonka bean and earthy tolu balsam create a strong,

smoky anchor. Vetiver, sandalwood and cedar deepen the inherent woodiness of the scent

and blend with the earthy scent of white musk to

balance out the perfume. This fragrance was launched in 1970.

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