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Gentleman Eau de Parfum Boisée Woody Spicy fragrance for men. The fragrance was newly launched in 2020.Modern elegance and charm with exceptional notes opening the composition accompanied by geranium, black pepper and coriander.The heart is followed by cocoa pods, cedarwood and iris.The base of th..
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Unisex woody oriental perfume. It was released in 2012,The aromatic composition is sparkled with a rich, sparkling bouquet that opens with an aromatic top with saffron, clary sage, happiness and frankincense.It is followed by an aromatic heart accompanied by Bulgarian rose, oud and Turkish rose.W..
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Mercedes-Benz Man Private is the second men's perfume that the famous German fashion house (Mercedes-Benz) announced its release at the beginning of 2018. This fragrance enjoys the luxury of the oriental-woody aromatic family. The opening notes of the fragrance consist of cardamom, cypress, and worm..
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A men's fragrance, notes of aromatic fragrance with touches of fougere masculinity.The fragrance was launched in the year 2016.The fragrance starts with a mixture of gin, tonic water, and melon.The fragrance mediates a mixture of pepper, Sichuan, violet leaves, and citruses.The fragrance base is a m..
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Abercrombie & Fitch is an American international fashion house.He launches his latest aromatic release, the Authentic Man.It is a men's fragrance with an aromatic citrus scent.The fragrance is one of the modern releases of 2019.Top notes are grapefruit, bergamot and pink pepper.Heart notes of gi..
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The fragrance from the Cypriot woody family is specific to men. It is one of the 1998 issues.The aromatic composition sparkles with the accord of mandarin orange, bergamot, orange blossom, rhubarb, lavender and African orange blossom.The aromatic heart follows with a sparkling floral bouquet of l..
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A fragrance for men from the family of Cypriot woody fragrances. The fragrance was launched in 1968.The fragrance starts with flavors of sage, bergamot, juniper, Amalfi lemon and lavender.Aromatic medium with flavors of pine, bay leaf, thyme and cloves.Base notes of patchouli, oak, sandalwood, mu..
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Aigner Essential Perfume for men, the fragrance was newly launched in 2021.A rich aromatic blend that enriches the composition with flowery notes that open the top of the fragrance with ginger, white pepper, apple and grapefruit. The aromatic heart mediates the composition with a br..
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A fragrance with aromatic ingredients worth trying and buying.Giving you lively freshness and all-day comfort.A fragrance with a unique style, a luxurious blend for men.The aromatic line: Aromatic Fuger, published by the international fashion house Etienne Aigner.The fragrance is from the herbal aro..
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statementFrom the publications of the international fashion house Etienne AignerThe fragrance from the woody and spicy family is designed for men.It is from the year 1994.The aromatic composition sparkles with a sparkling bouquet that opens with the aromatic top accompanied by bergamot, lemon, orang..
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Brand: AJMAL
A fragrance for women from the woody floral aromatic family with musk.The composition is made up of smoke and spices, floral notes and both woody notes and musk. ..
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