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Brand: Dior
Men's fragrance with a blend of fresh floral notes with fragrant musk and woods.The fragrance begins with a mixture of basil leaves, cupped blossom.The fragrance is surrounded by a mixture of figs, woods, blossoms, and minghunt flowers.Base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla and cedar.A pe..
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Brand: Dior
Dior Eau Sauvage is a fragrance with a soft scent, warm, elegant, and attractive.The fragrance begins with the aroma of bergamot.The middle notes are coconut fragrance.Base notes are bitter scent. ..
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Brand: Dior
A fragrance for men with a unique and strong scent of basil and lemon that smells at the top of the fragrance,The fragrance contains a heart of rosemary and cardamom,The perfume finishes its layers with woody notes of cedarwood, pear wood and musk...
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Brand: Dior
In 2003, the fragrance named Dior Haier Energy for the man open to new concepts and horizonsIts unique blend contains woody extract, spices, grapefruit, pepper and vetiverGrapefruit extract is extracted from the skin and when mixed with lemon extract, it gives a fresh and lively scent.As for the ..
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Brand: Dior
Miss Dior Original is one of the coolest Dior perfumes in its updated version. With floral accents filled with femininity, softness and elegance.      Let those around you be confused by your unreasonable appealA fragrance for women from the floral Cypriot perfume collection.C..
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Brand: Dior
Dior Simo by Christian Dior perfume. Let, the bold women's choice for generations, as it was introduced in 1956.The flowery fragrance was a mixture of rosemary, lily and lilac and was a favorite of women..
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Brand: Dior
A fragrance for the elegant man, refreshing and distinctive that gives a touch of audacity.Stylish, dignified and French in nature.It contains the perfect blend of fresh citrus ingredients.It has an absolute masculine light wood color.Suitable for all occasions. ..
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Brand: Dior
A wonderful fragrance from the woody fruity family with a feminine and delicate scent that gives you the feeling of luxury and sparkle in a distinctive and elegant mythical bottle, suitable for evening exits and special occasions.A very pure, precious fragrance, containing sharp notes of cranber..
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Perfume for women from the family of floral fragrances with aldehydes. The fragrance was launched in 1992.The composition opens with an aromatic start with notes of ivy, freesia, mandarin orange, citruses, aldehydes, bergamot and basil.Followed by the aromatic middle notes of jasmine, carnation, ..
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Brand: dunhill
Charming elegant fragrance for the elegant man, with a capital-inspired scent taking on wonderful new heights.Dunhill Desire is a blend of apples, orange blossoms, sweet bergamot and sparkling lemon. Its heart is made of rose, patchouli and teak. Its base is vanilla, musk and labanum...
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Brand: dunhill
Aromatic streak: Woody aromaticX-Centric perfumeFrom the famous Alfred Dunhill HouseIt is a fragrance from the aromatic woody group for men.It was released in 2001.The expert behind this aromatic composition is Maurice RousselThe aromatic composition sparkles with a rich, sparkling bouquet opened by..
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It is a light and refreshing fragrance that contains musk as a base. It also contains a fruity scent that makes the fragrance fresh and distinctive.It is a mixture of many flowers. Lily of the valley, rose, violet, tuberoseThey are all round with sandalwood and Sidr wood and end up with the arom..
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