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Brand: burberry
Fragrance for women from the group of Cypriot perfumes with fruits, with a youthful feminine touch that gives you a feeling of vitality and elegance thanks to its harmonious blend of flowers and fruitsFresh, sweet, fluffy, warm and detoxifyingIts top layers consist of lemon, apple, peach and absi..
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Brand: calvin klein
Perfume for men from the group woody perfume.Make your headline mystery and excitement with this fragrance full of black pepper and ginger scattered on black basil sticks.There is no doubt that you will enjoy more privacy with the smell of fragrant amber and red woodBrazilian with a set of fragran..
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Elie Saab Lee Parfume is the floral jewel of modern women full of elegance and alluring femininity.Its notes are orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia, cedar, patchouli, rose, and flower honey.Top notes are orange blossom, middle notes are jasmine and gardeniaIts main notes are cedar, patchouli, rose..
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The fragrance is from the floral family designed for women, a pleasant floral fragrance for a modern young woman.An essence of floral fragrance, which is synonymous with the spirit of unique couture and unique issued by the brand "Givenchy"This fragrance is made by young women with delicate sens..
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Brand: GUCCI
A fragrance of modern and exquisite floral family with unparalleled notes. A fragrance that will refresh you all day long with its light breezes that match the enchanting spring air and its most attractive roses.The mixture of this perfume is composed of ful, tuberose and iris root. ..
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Brand: GUCCI
Floral fragrance inspired by princesses from the past and the future.It has a classic pure scent, elegant and sensual.Stylish fragrance, with a first flavor.It is integrated with fragrant sandalwood and patchouli in the whiff. ..
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A floral floral fragrance for contemporary women, rich and soft, fresh, juicy and charmingTop notes are bergamot, mandarin and white pineappleHeart notes of pineapple, SAMBAC, jasmine, rose and orange flowerThe base notes are sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and Peruvian conditioner..
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Lacoste Pour Femme is a perfect fragrance for modern women. The woody floral family with musk.The aromatic top consists of spices and purple freesia.While the aromatic heart presents sunflower and jasmine in union with hibiscus blossom and Bulgarian rose.While the aromatic base introduces Himalaya..
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