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Brand: CARON
Ami Mui Kum Ji Sui perfumeFrom the publications of the international French fashion house Caron.An elegant spicy woody fragrance for men.The fragrance was newly launched in the year 2020.The fragrance sparkles with an aromatic and sensual scent of Haitian vetiver and hazelnut...
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Brand: CARON
Caron Pour On Homme De Caron Perfume. From Caron Fashion HouseIt starts with lavender flavor, in the middle of the fragrance is vanilla and musk in the base of the fragrance from natural woody perfumes.Designed for young men, adults and middle-aged men, this fragrance is distinguished by its brillia..
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Brand: CARON
Karun pur in homme le bracelet.An oriental fragrance for men.This was released in 2022.An intense Eau de Parfum, it plays with an overdose with a duo of lavender essences.The blue flower is just highlighted by the violet leaf, and it's enveloped in velvety, earthy notes of iris.Around the essence of..
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Brand: CARON
Aromatic perfume for men.This is a new fragrance released in 2022.Fragrance notes: bergamot, lemon, ginger, geranium, oak moss, lavender, guaiac wood, Indonesian patchouli..
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Brand: CARON
A luxurious floral fragrance for men. It was distinguished by its originality and purity with its components that match the finest natural lavender gardens.It begins with a lavender flavor, in the middle of a perfume with vanilla and musk flavor at the base of the fragrance, from natural woody p..
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Brand: CARON
Caron Sport perfumeA refreshing and surprising interpretation of the legendary fragranceDesign house Karon launched it in 2015.This aromatic fragrance contains a blend of citruses, grapefruit, and Italian mandarinLemon, Lavender, Ginger, Nutmeg, Tonka Bean, Benzoin, Amber and White Musk.The signatur..
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Brand: CARON
The perfume of Karon Yatagan is distinguished by its carefully selected ingredients and care to create a wonderfully beautiful scent that suits all tastes.The fragrance starts with aromatic arugula, pine, basil, frankincense, lavender and mint.Aromatic notes of wormwood, oakmoss and ..
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Brand: CARON
Men's perfume from the citrus-aromatic aromatic family. The fragrance was released in 2011.It starts with flavors of yuzu, basil and lemon verbena.The center of the fragrance consists of pistachio, fruits and black figs.The fragrance base is made of spice flavors, sandalwood and wormwood...
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