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Salvatore Ferragamo

Especially for women to express their modern side.Top notes of cambari, rosemary and black currant,The heart of the fragrance smells fragrant jasmine, sambac and rhubarb.While the base notes mix all the ingredients together in a subtle blend that adds the essential touches of sandalwood, ambroxan,..
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Amo Ferragamo by Silvatore Ferragamo perfume was released 2018 Oriental Pink for womenBlack currant, rosemary and Campari are the heart notes of jasmine and rhubarb, and the base note is composed ofVanilla, tahitian, sandalwood and amber are a refreshing and uplifting scent for spring and..
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Atimo Pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo Fragrance was released 2011 Oriental Woody Man for the fragrance beginsFrom cardamom, tangerine, and thean hearted notes of saffron and black pepper from sageThe base consists of patchouli, white musk, and citrus..
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Emoji by Salvatore Ferragamo The fragrance was released 2015 Pink Chypre for women The fragrance starts from bergamotThe iris and prunes are the heart notes of the sergeant and Bulgarian rose The base consists of patchouli and deer skinThe white musk is rich in powder and suitable for a..
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perfume for hair combines the rich notes of floral bouquets with musk Sprinkle a little fragrance on the ends of your hair after styling it or on the hairbrush to give your hair a pleasant aromatic scent ..
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A symbol of the feminine element, luxury and beauty, rose.A floral bouquet with lavish fruit exudes oriental leather, musk, soft vanilla and agarwood with patchouli.A very feminine fragrance that leaves a classic, elegant and contemporary impression with its elegant floral chypre formula.The new ..
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Fbay by Salvatore Ferragamo Fragrance was launched in 2006 Pink for women The fragrance is composed of jasmine And rose and orange blossom..
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F Ferragamo Pour Homme Black Salvatore Ferragamo Fragrance has been released 2009 Oriental Woody ManThe fragrance includes lavender, apple, coriander, tonka bean and black pepper ..
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Salvatore Ferragamo F Ferragamo Pour Homme is a fragrance of the oriental family of woods and spices.A fragrance that embodies the mystery, attractiveness and recklessness of a mysterious, bold and reckless man who lives life with its contradictions, combining luxury and simplicity.It features la..
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Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo Fragrance was launched in 2006 Fruity for womenThe herbs of the pigeon and the heart of the mother are composed of woody jasmine and rose baseSandal and amber ..
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Incanto Shine by Salvatore Ferragamo Fragrance was released in 2007 fruity for womenThe base notes are amber, bergamot, and pineappleAmber, amber and musk ..
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