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Floral perfume for womenTop notes are bitter orange, orange and bergamotHeart notes of ylang-ylang, raspberry, rose and geraniumAromatic base of vanil..
Ex Tax:SAR220.00
Brand: Floris
Floris Honey Oud was launched in 2014 oriental woody with a luxurious unisex scent of Oud that blends with floral nectarThe aroma of honey The fr..
Ex Tax:SAR630.00
Dolce Gabbana Velvet Oud is a velvety oriental oud fragrance like the breeze running over the desert dunesInfused with classic Middle Eastern scents,..
Ex Tax:SAR1,100.00
Noi A Confidence perfume was inspired by Annick Gottal's involvement in the world of artists and intellectuals, to accompany you to a luxurious evenin..
Ex Tax:SAR535.00
An intriguing fragrance that takes you away with its charm and touches your senses and soul in subtle and pleasant ways, with a mixture of bergamot,..
Ex Tax:SAR200.00
Spirino Fiorentio by Tiziana Ternezi was launched 2019 Woody Musk Pink for Unisex.Jasmine, saffron, orange and lily have a heart of magnolia, ylang ..
Ex Tax:SAR820.00
عطر للرجال من العائلة القبرصية. العطر من اصدارات عام 1980.يأتي العطر مع مكونات مثيرة تبدأ مع القمة العطرية برفقة البرغموت، الريحان، اللبان، الشيح، الك..
Ex Tax:SAR55.00
Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani in Love with You, a fragrance designed to make contemporary women feel true loveThe fragrance opens with black currant,..
Ex Tax:SAR390.00
Oriental fragrance - woody for men.This is a new fragrance.Pegasus Exclusive launched in 2020.Top notes are pink pepper, bergamot, cardamom and heliot..
Ex Tax:SAR1,100.00
A stunning fragrance with a scent scent for the elegant classic man. It has a distinctive scent that gives you a luxurious and long-lasting feeling...
Ex Tax:SAR278.00
Woody floral musk perfume for womenTop notes of bergamotHeart notes of rose and white muskThe base of the fragrance consists of tonka bean, almond tr..
Ex Tax:SAR450.00
Brand: SAMAM
It seems like the right opportunity to express your true beauty with Crown Con No.1 perfume with its fresh, sensual and delicate scent.It comes in a ..
SAR230.00 SAR322.00
Ex Tax:SAR200.00
Oriental fragrance for men and womenTop notes: Woody notesHeart fragrance: smokeThe fragrance base consists of oud, amber, and musk&nb..
Ex Tax:SAR820.00
A precious, pure, and very unique perfume, from the floral family, and as its name is really a miracle from the world of perfumes, a soft and delica..
Ex Tax:SAR420.00
Samam Perfume 1998 Parfum-100ml
New -30 %
Brand: SAMAM
A strong and sensual woody scent, the essence of a modern and exceptional masculine scentAn opening of bergamotThe heart notes are iris, aldehydes and..
SAR241.50 SAR345.00
Ex Tax:SAR210.00
Samam Perfume Elysium Parfum-100ml
New -30 %
Brand: SAMAM
A strong men's cologne in which elegant floral notes contrast with the depth of woody notes.It is a unique men's fragrance blend, revealing the ingenu..
SAR241.50 SAR345.00
Ex Tax:SAR210.00
samam perfume Teroni Parfum-100ml
New -30 %
Brand: SAMAM
Perfume Valve Teroni perfumeStrong and fragrant, it imposes your presence everywhere. If you are a fan of warm and smoky scents, this exciting and sed..
SAR241.50 SAR345.00
Ex Tax:SAR210.00
Oriental floral perfume for womenA new fragrance released in 2022The opening notes are ylang-ylang and gardeniaThe heart of the fragrance is jasmine a..
Ex Tax:SAR513.04
Brand: burberry
Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum is a unique floral-woody-musk fragrance, specially designed for women.This new fragrance is of course a wonderful addit..
Ex Tax:SAR347.83
Brand: Kilian
A unique fragrance blend exquisitely designed to suit both men and women.The fragrance is rich in an amazing aromatic combination of high-quality natu..
Ex Tax:SAR782.61
Jumpsuit is a vibrant fragrance.Inspired by Saint Laurent Couture designs, this jumpsuit embodies the bold empowerment of the feminine spirit.Refreshi..
Ex Tax:SAR869.57
F Saint Laurent Cure Oud - Folie de Violet Eau de ParfumDeep and dark like layers of sharp leather dipped in blackIntense layers of leather scent wrap..
Ex Tax:SAR956.52

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