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Collection Extraordinaire Rêve D’Ylang fragrance A product of the luxury French fashion house Van Cleef & Arpels.An elegant fragrance that ha..
S.R 1,000.50
Ex Tax:S.R 870.00
A very wonderful oriental fragrance consisting of a mixture of flowers with a seductive oriental touch and a rich and luxurious composition...
S.R 115.00
Ex Tax:S.R 100.00
Brand: chanel
Independent and elusive. Utterly fascinating. A bold, rich, woody fragrance for the man whose power of seduction lies in his strong character. In a ..
S.R 552.00
Ex Tax:S.R 480.00
An old oriental woody eau de toilette was first launched in 1970,The scent of geranium and carnation strikes you at first, then the scent of cedar c..
S.R 437.00
Ex Tax:S.R 380.00
A rich fragrance for women with an introduction of cranberry and fern on a base of woody patchouliThe middle notes are composed of floral element..
S.R 971.75
Ex Tax:S.R 845.00
A special fragrance for women from the floral Cypriot family of perfumes. The fragrance was launched in 2014.The fragrance begins with raspberry flav..
S.R 1,012.00
Ex Tax:S.R 880.00
Perfume from the oriental woody collection for men. It was released in 1997.The aromatic composition is sparkled with a rich and sparkling bouquet t..
S.R 63.25
Ex Tax:S.R 55.00
Brand: SAMAM
Forever VIII Intense is distinguished by its sweet aroma that delivers your senses with its first use.Besides, it combines oriental and French touche..
S.R 230.00 S.R 299.00
Ex Tax:S.R 200.00
Brand: SAMAM
It seems like the right opportunity to express your true beauty with Crown Con No.1 perfume with its fresh, sensual and delicate scent.It comes in a ..
S.R 199.00 S.R 287.50
Ex Tax:S.R 173.04
Brand: SAMAM
A creative unisex fragrance, the luxurious fragrance combination between iris, violet, flour and smoked woodLeather touches add a luxurious nature an..
S.R 199.00 S.R 287.50
Ex Tax:S.R 173.04
Samam Azuree Pour Femme Originale Eau De Parfum-100ml Samam Azuree Pour Femme Originale Eau De Parfum-100ml
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Brand: SAMAM
Eau de Parfum, an oriental woody fragrance for men and women.At first glance, a breeze laden with scents of hyacinth and pineapple strikes youThen t..
S.R 230.00 S.R 323.15
Ex Tax:S.R 200.00
Brand: SAMAM
A very prestigious oud which is based on the purest natural oud oil in high concentrations. This resulted in the experience of an exciting and se..
S.R 299.00 S.R 747.50
Ex Tax:S.R 260.00
Brand: SAMAM
Perfume from the aromatic citrus family.The fragrance comes in a refreshing aromatic composition with grapefruit, surrounded by a warm touch of amber ..
S.R 299.00 S.R 747.50
Ex Tax:S.R 260.00
Brand: SAMAM
Valve Oy Blanc is a warm sensual fragrance, a wonderful performance that will impress everyone around you, distinguished by its rich and charming look..
S.R 299.00 S.R 747.50
Ex Tax:S.R 260.00
Baldessarini Amber Oud belongs to the rich oriental-woody aromatic family.At the beginning, the fragrance contains a delicious aroma of apple and wh..
S.R 253.00
Ex Tax:S.R 220.00
Brand: bvlgari
Get a Bvlgari Splendid Jasmine Noire with its radiant blend of the wonderful scent of jasmine to make you the coolest one.This fragrance shows an irr..
S.R 264.50
Ex Tax:S.R 230.00
Aromatic streak: Oriental WoodyA men's fragrance with a refreshing oriental scent.It includes citruses, lemons, mandarins, spices, suede, and vanilla...
S.R 241.50
Ex Tax:S.R 210.00
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Intense Eau de Toilette-90ml
Out Of Stock
Brand: GUCCI
Luxurious refreshing fragrance for men. It has an elegant timeless classic scent.It is made up of notes of orange blossom, mimosa and violet.Enriche..
S.R 316.25
Ex Tax:S.R 275.00
Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant is a fragrance that belongs to the woody floral family of Musk, which is specially designed to harmonize with women.Top no..
S.R 241.50
Ex Tax:S.R 210.00
Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue is the symbol of wealth, for a woman who has a sense of fashion, smart, successful, famous for her elegance. It has a w..
S.R 166.75
Ex Tax:S.R 145.00
Aromatic streak: Flora FruitA floral fruity fragrance for contemporary women.Rich, sweet, delicious, sophisticated, and detoxifying.Top notes of cranb..
S.R 126.50
Ex Tax:S.R 110.00
Lanterde Rouge is a floral oriental fragrance targeting the women's category, released in 2021 as part of the Lanterdee collection for women by Givenc..
S.R 380.65
Ex Tax:S.R 331.00
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is one of the most beautiful fragrances of this house. With a fresh, soft and pleasant scent, it keeps you attractive ..
S.R 109.25
Ex Tax:S.R 95.00
 The fruity fragrance with woody and floral notes is extremely attractive and the result is a very luxurious scent like a luminous pearl. It is..
S.R 356.50
Ex Tax:S.R 310.00
Aromatic fragrance for men was launched in 1989Top notes: bergamot, galbanum glue, herbal scents and lemonMiddle notes: coriander, cyclamen, geranium..
S.R 63.25
Ex Tax:S.R 55.00
Brand: chanel
Hair spray that scents your hair with its wonderful floral scent, and you can take it with you anywhere to revive its effect throughout the day.Its ..
S.R 270.25
Ex Tax:S.R 235.00
Brand: Cacharel
Cacharel introduces Yes I AM, the new fragrance that expresses femininity and assertiveness for a new generation of women. She is bold, strong ..
S.R 356.50
Ex Tax:S.R 310.00

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