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Ajmal Sacred Love perfumed body powder-100gm

Ajmal Sacred Love perfumed body powder-100gm


A sweet formula that warms the heart of a woman and brings feelings of romance.

The top layer consists of fresh flowers and citrus, directing the woman's heart to a joyful feeling of happiness, a feeling that only sincere love can provide.

As for the middle class, it consists of fragrant flowers and musk to enhance the feeling of warmth and reveal a woman's charm and passion for the world in every move that comes.

As for the last layer, it consists of refreshing notes of flowers and musk, enhancing the splendor of the fragrance and the romantic Sanaa.

With the addition of ingredients such as iris, jasmine, peach, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber amber, the Sacred Love fragrance approaches the highest thoughts of mythic love.

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