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Amouage Interlude Black Iris for Men Eau de Parfum-100ml

Amouage Interlude Black Iris for Men Eau de Parfum-100ml


For the aromatic streak: Oriental Woody

Amouage seeks to replicate its resounding success with Interlude, which is a perfume legend for all perfume lovers around the world and inspires many perfumers.

In 2020, Amouage created the Interlude Black Iris perfume for men in a modern and updated image from the original.

The edition is deeper, lighter and aromatically mixed than the original.

Amouage Interlude Black Iris Men is actually a version of Interlude Man that evokes an air of luxury while maintaining a sense of balance and calm.

Through the innovative use of iris, frankincense and myrrh, in an effort to soften and reformulate the original.

The spices and rosemary were softened to create a more juicy and moist top with the addition of violet leaves, the addition of iris gave a softness to the heart to complement

the work of vanilla, finally the woody notes came to complement this aromatic masterpiece.

Interlude Black Iris Man perfume is an aromatic wave of soft iris with skin that makes it similar to Dior Homme Parfum in its aromatic heart.

Smoky, rich in incense and a little vanilla with a sweety hint.

Perfume suitable for winter, parties and public occasions

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