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Amber perfume by Clive ChristianTop notes are bergamot, cardamom, ginger and juniper berriesHeart Notes Heart Notes Jasmine, Floral, Sweet Pepper, IrisBase notes: amber, styrax, labdanum, vetiver, cedarwood, moss, cinnamon, vanillaThe elegant glass bottle has an elaborate crown-shaped stopper.Its de..
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Clive Christian brand was inspired by the new exclusive Matsukita perfume from the foundations of its Crown perfumery company, and introduced it for the first time in 1892, adding new, modern and luxurious touches to it. Guaiac wood oil, amber, balsamic fir extract and musk. This mysterious fragranc..
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Clive Christian's Original Collection perfume exudes refreshing woody and citrusy notesSpices mixed with earthy ingredients and refreshing green resin give a touch of mystery and luxury.Clive Original C 1872 M 100ml..
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X-Men by Clive Christian is a fragrance inspired by the rich spices of the Silk Road.The fragrance opens on a mixture of spicy cardamom, pepper, ginger and bergamot.Before moving softly into a heart of floral notes of iris.Finally, the fragrance settles in with notes of ground vetiver, sweet van..
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X Perfume for Women by Clive Christian is a mysterious, vintage and elegant composition of cashmere musk, vanilla and jasmine.A group of aromatic scents that tell you the secrets of beauty and soft femininityTop notes are pineapple, mandarin, rhubarb and ivyHeart notes of orris root, lily of the v..
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A strong and glowing masculine oriental fragrance rich in the heat of saffron and the ancient oriental scent with an amazing mixture of oriental scents that express your modern spirit and your modern elegance always advanced. FadedClive Christian is a British long-established brand known for creatin..
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