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Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue is the symbol of wealth, for a woman who has a sense of fashion, smart, successful, famous for her elegance. It has a wonderful footprint on the skin with a rich and refreshing smell.Semi-oriental floral fragrance.It is characterized by lilac, linden, magnolia, and slu..
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Avenue New York limited edition in 2013A fragrance for modern and sophisticated women that reflects the energy and enthusiasm of the city.The fragrant spectra of cranberry, mandarin and lime combine with orris and osmanthusAt the end of the sensual journey, the tonja bean, sandalwood and patchoul..
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Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty is a fragrance from the oriental flower family. The most feminine and attractive perfumes.Top notes are iris, bergamot, cedar and herbal scents;Middle notes are orchid, ginger, rhubarb, lotus and lily;The base notes are sandalwood, amber and musk. ..
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Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is one of the most beautiful fragrances of this house. With a fresh, soft and pleasant scent, it keeps you attractive throughout the day.Top notes: bergamot, lemon, orange and mint.Middle notes are rhubarb, jasmine, celery seed and clove.Base notes are oakmoss, amber..
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Sunflower perfumeFrom the famous fashion house Elizabeth Arden.It is a floral fruity fragrance for women.It was released in 1993.Fragrance releases are still available today.The aromatic composition sparkles with the splendor and sweetness of its enchanting ingredients that open the armatic top with..
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Elizabeth Arden White T is a floral oriental fragrance for women that embodies the purity and simplicity of white tea, and is made by a selection of perfume experts,The aromatic composition radiates with a burst of fresh flow of mandarin orange and sea water, as well as aromatic sage and fir..
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Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is a stunning fragrance with feminine and floral accents for women who love classic and elegant floral fragrances.A fragrance that combines old and present. Fit for evening abs, a sparkling perfume with a pure femininity for women.Interact with lily, rose, amber, o..
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