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Ermenegildo Zegna

On the strings of the authentic oriental oud, with its glowing and attractive notes, the patchouli tones play the most beautiful melodies for you.Dark amber drops give you a special charm and a unique attraction on the mysterious winter and autumn nights with their contrasting atmosphereThe fragranc..
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An oriental woody fragrance that is characterized by strong contrasts.A mixture of light and darkThe refreshing notes of citrus and spices are mixed with notes of deep woody and sensual muskBase Notes: Green Mandarin, Cardamom, and Pink Pepper ..
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Fragrance from the aromatic woody family for men. The fragrance is from the 2013 releases.The aromatic composition sparkles with the aromatic top, accompanied by citrus and Calabrian bergamot.It is followed by the aromatic heart accompanied by violet leaf.While the aromatic base concludes with ce..
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Fragrance from the aromatic wood family of men. The fragrance is released in 2015.The aromatic composition sparkles with the aromatic top accompanied by frankincense, angelica, tangerine orange and lemon leaves.It is followed by an aromatic heart accompanied by geraniums, hedione and lavender.The..
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