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Brand: Jacomo
A fragrance from the oriental woody family for men. The fragrance was released in 1980.The aromatic top opens with bergamot, basil, bitter orange leaves and twigs, lavender, rosemary, cardamom, frankincense, lemon and oregano.It is followed by an aromatic heart accompanied by cedarwood, cinnamon..
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Brand: Jacomo
A feminine fragrance with a pink Cypriot scent. The fragrance was newly launched in 2019.An enchanting fragrance mixture crowned with freshness and liveliness, opened by an exciting aromatic top with lemon, hyacinth and bergamot.It is followed by an exciting aromatic heart with Lily of the Valle..
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Brand: Jacomo
Fragrance from the green floral family for women.The aromatic top opens the composition, accompanied by pears, cinnamon, aldehydes and frankincense.It is followed by the aromatic heart accompanied by rose, lily of the valley, narcissus and iris.The aromatic base concludes with sandalwood, vetiver,..
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