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Paco rabanne

Brand: Paco rabanne
Belonging to the aromatic group of ferns for men, it contains a sensual mixture of spices, herbs and precious perfumes.This fragrance is specially designed for a distinguished elegant man with unparalleled charm. Contains essential ingredients of rosemary, sage, and Brazilian rose wood,While the ..
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Brand: Paco rabanne
This oriental perfume filled with spicy woody scents is designed for the man who puts luxury firstThe top notes are composed of ginger, thyme and herbal notes.The heart of the fragrance consists of leather, vanilla and cinnamon.The perfume consists of sugar, cedar and myrrh.&n..
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Brand: Paco rabanne
Oriental perfume is ideal for a confident man who knows what he wants and is suitable for a busy day, or if you are on a date in the evening with your friends or a special person.The fragrance is fragrant, with a seductive aroma filled with freshness that begins with an explosive spicy flavor of ..
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Brand: Paco rabanne
Belongs to the oriental floral group of women, the fragrance is categorized as the oriental flower that has strength and intensity.But warm with leather-coated amber as the sun warms, this floral oriental fragrance for women has a warm sensual aroma that comes in an elegant purple bottle.It cont..
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Brand: Paco rabanne
The floral woody musk fragrance for men has a strong, bold, masculine, captivating fragrance.Top notes are mint, coriander and watermelon.Its middle notes are citrus, geranium and rice.Its main notes are sage, oakmoss, and musk. ..
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Brand: Paco rabanne
It is a feminine fragrance that runs on a delicate oriental pink tendon.Contains scents of popcorn, vanilla, ylang ylang and orange blossom with a mixture of amber, peach, white musk, coconut, sandalwood and amber wood. ..
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