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Parfum de Marly Haltan Eau de Parfum-125ml

Parfum de Marly Haltan Eau de Parfum-125ml


Haltan is the fragrance of today's man, inspired by the gentlemen of the gentlemen of the Marley Palace in the 18th century.

Haltan is the original scent of both brilliance and shade, and its unique composition composed of a mixture of rare and noble elements revives the tradition of French perfumery in the eighteenth century.

It is a dazzling freshness and a herbal fragrance that quickly turns into a soft and warm feeling of leather scent in harmony with a symphony of precious woods.

Softness and sweetness, with the addition of saffron and harmony with sweetness, to flirt with the legendary agarwood in a modern way.

Agarwood is released in a transparent bottle to leave its mark on the skin and enhance the stability and fragrance of the fragrance smoothly and comfortably.

It's a privilege for the sensual.

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