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Samam Crown Co No4 Eau De Parfum- 100ml

Samam Crown Co No4 Eau De Parfum- 100ml


A scent that takes you to another world with the charm of the ancient East, the flavor of history

and originality of origin, a brilliant aromatic radiance

A fragrance designed with precision and high professionalism to stay with you for long hours

and spread around you in a wide area

We proudly present to you our exclusive product that blends authentic and concentrated Omani frankincense

with simple notes of flowers and fruits

The fragrance opens with cocoa and patchouli

and iris flowers

And the luxurious aromatic base of Omani frankincense, fruits and suede

The fragrance is designed for men and women with aromatic notes that are renewed from time to time

with calmness and harmony and suits all occasions and your special times


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