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Brand: Chopard
A feminine fragrance with a floral fragrance with sparkling fruits. The fragrance was newly launched in 2020.An aromatic bouquet that smells fragrant, with notes blending lightly and smoothly With tangerine, violet, rose, sectarian rose, damask rose, pink pepper and cinnamon.&nbs..
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Elie Saab Le Parfum Essentiel is a delicate feminine fragrance that runs on a pink Cypriot chord. The fragrance was newly launched in 2020.A fragrant blend of vitality and freshnessIt starts with an aromatic crest crowned with tangerine and orange blossom.Followed by the heart of the composition ..
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Gentleman Eau de Parfum Boisée Woody Spicy fragrance for men. The fragrance was newly launched in 2020.Modern elegance and charm with exceptional notes opening the composition accompanied by geranium, black pepper and coriander.The heart is followed by cocoa pods, cedarwood and iris.The base of th..
S.R 557.75
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Aigner Essential Perfume for men, the fragrance was newly launched in 2021.A rich aromatic blend that enriches the composition with flowery notes that open the top of the fragrance with ginger, white pepper, apple and grapefruit. The aromatic heart mediates the composition with a br..
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For the aromatic streak: Oriental WoodyAmouage seeks to replicate its resounding success with Interlude, which is a perfume legend for all perfume lovers around the world and inspires many perfumers.In 2020, Amouage created the Interlude Black Iris perfume for men in a modern and updated image from ..
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Acqua Di Gio Profondo Lights Perfume.A sexy aquatic fragrance for men.The fragrance was newly launched in 2021.Exciting and inspiring notes of the senses begin with a captivating touch of marine notes, cardamom and mandarin.Passing in the heart of the composition with mastic, lavender, fir balsam, r..
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Ex Tax:S.R 417.40
The embodiment of captivating elegance, Armani Code perfumes are inspired by the man with an innate, refined charisma, combining authenticity with affluence.The new Armani Code Eau de Parfum with oriental and woody notes evokes an atmosphere of strong spontaneous alure.In the new Armani Code Eau de ..
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C Eau de Parfum Intense by Giorgio Armani embodies the confidence that a C woman exudes.An irresistibly attractive modern woman, distinguished by strength, femininity and freedom, this new intense fragrance gives her a captivating elegance.This women's perfume is distinguished by the nectar of black..
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A delicate feminine fragrance with a floral oriental fragrance. The fragrance was launched in 2020.An interesting aromatic novel that begins its first chapters with black currant syrup.And followed by the composition heart accompanied by jasmine.As for the base of the fragrance, I smashed it to s..
S.R 609.50
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Brand: azzaro
A luxurious oriental fougere fragrance for men. The fragrance was newly launched in 2020.A fragrant aromatic fragrance crowned with freshness and sensational appeal that opens the top of the composition accompanied by lavender.Passing in the heart of the composition with Clary's sack.The base not..
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Bottega Veneta illusione  for women has a feminine, floral and woody scentOf oranges, bergamot, fig leaves, olive tree and tonka bean..
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Boucheron, a capable French jewelry house, launches its latest fragrance for the year 2021Quatre in Blue Perfume is a multi-faceted fragrance composition in the form of a dark blue sapphire,With a refreshing radiant scent trace, it hints at the bold and clear personality of the wearer.The fragrance ..
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