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Hair Mist

A soft and delicate fruity cypress fragrance for women, released recently in 2017.The fragrance comes out to us with a distinctive blend that starts with the stinging gooseberry and cassis.While the pink heart comes with freesia and the May rose,The aromatic base concludes with white woods, ambrox..
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The story of this perfume from the Trade Roots Collection begins with an air of freshness and vitality.With a blend of bergamot, hints of herbs, and fragrant artemisia flower.The intensity of this fragrance quickly develops with notes of jasmine, roses and spices, as these roses have thorns.The e..
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He cares about your hair and makes it great. It comes with a crystal bottleInfused with Cashmillan - a partially hydrolyzed keratin of cashmere wool which is also identical to hair proteins.Top notes: cherry blossom nectar, rose liquidHeart notes of ylang-ylang, amaretto accord, vanillaBase notes ..
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Lilac Love is a modern and romantic floral symphony embroidered with a charismatic feel.Top notes: lilac accord, heliotrope, peony, gardeniaHeart notes of: iris, cocoa beans, tonka beansBase notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla ..
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Love Mimosa Hair Perfume is gently concerned with the scent of your hair, and comes with a crystalline bottleFilled with Cashmillan, a partially hydrolyzed keratin of cashmere wool, and identical proteins for hairIt has been shown to improve the appearance and strength of hair ..
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A wonderful fragrance for the body and hair with attractive feminine notes, the fragrance is characterized by the softness of flowers with the luxury of oriental ingredients that will captivate you with the amazing aroma that will give you a refreshment throughout the day.A wonderful fragrance th..
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Woody oriental fragranceTop notes of lemon, bergamot and marigoldBlack currant and African orange flowerThe heart of the perfume consists of cyclamen, violet and jasminePerfume base is madeOf amber, Virginia cedar, vetiver and musk..
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A unique formula developed by Byredo that leaves hair looking radiant, nourished and scented all day long.Top notes: juniper berries, pomelo, and saffronHeart notes: Accord Queer, black purple, and crystal roseBase notes: blonde woods, raspberry, and vetiver ..
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Byredo Blanche Pink hair-Al-Dhaid perfume for womenTop notes: aldehydes, pink pepper and white roseMiddle notes: orange blossom, peony and violetBase notes: Cashmere, Musk and Sandalwood ..
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This Hair Perfume by Peredo is an ideal way to give a luxurious finish to your hair.The floral notes of rhubarb, notes of Mary's incense and freesiaIn addition to the fragrant tulip scent which makes up the heart of the fragranceA unique base of white wood and vetiver.Spray onto hair immediately ..
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The Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé perfume for hair is a great complement to the perfumes of the same collection. It is very gentle to the hair, so you can use it several times during the day. ..
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Fragrance for hair with a feminine fragrance, with a wonderful and soft composition of the best-selling and most beautiful fragrance, it will give you shine and amazing feminine fragrance throughout the day.Good Girl perfumes the idea that fragrance is an integral part of your personal gadgets.&..
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