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Scandal Hair Mist, A Feminine Ritual by Jean Paul Gaultier, With just one spray, the fragrance infuses your hair with the best of scents.This weightless spray wraps hair in a delicately scented cap, leaving an irresistible trail of honey and gardenia that's as refreshing as it is delicious.Elegant d..
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Ingredients: orange, mandarin, anise, and gingerVanilla and musk fragrance east of the evenings..
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The fragrance was recently launched in 2019. It is a sexy, feminine fragrance that straddles a delicate floral oriental chord. The fragrance is fragrant with a charming aroma and a luxurious sensual fragrance that begins with the excitement of ginger, passing into the heart of thecomposition..
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The new women's summer fragrance from the famous French fashion house (Jean Paul Gaultier) for the summer 2017 season.The new fragrance belongs to the oriental family - oriental-floral, adding to it more delicacy and softness.The beginning of the fragrance consists of rose, Sicilian mandarin, and..
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Gaultier Divine is a new marine floral fragrance for women, launched in 2023. Created by perfumer Quentin Bisch, Gaultier Divine is a marine floral and gourmand scent, blending white flowers, lily and meringue notes to evoke the essence of a salty sea breeze. A charming and romantic women's fragranc..
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La Belle perfume.From the publications of the international French fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier.La Belle perfume is an elegant feminine fragrance with an oriental vanilla fragrance.The fragrance was newly launched in 2019.Exciting and attractive with luxurious aromatic notes that start with an e..
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Delicate feminine scent oriental vanilla. The fragrance was newly launched in 2021.Bright aromatic notes begin with pear.It is followed by the aromatic heart accompanied by tonka bean.While the base of the fragrance settles with a mixture of vanilla...
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Aromatic streak: Woody aromaticLe Beau perfume.A publication of the international French fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean-Paul Gaultier.Le Beau is a luxurious male fragrance with a fragrant woody scent.The fragrance was newly launched in 2019.Freshness and liveliness with an exciting fragrance..
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It is a new fragrance for men, launched in 2022 by perfumer Quentin Bisch.A diabolical reinterpretation brimming with seductive, masculine beauty, the irresistible Le Beau Le Parfum enters the fray, but this time offering a more powerful version.We start with ginger and then the heart is enhanced by..
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Aromatic streak: OrientalLe Male Le Parfum fragrance.A publication of the French fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier.Le Male Le Parfum is a luxurious, masculine fragrance with an oriental scent.The fragrance was newly launched in 2020.An interesting aromatic bouquet that begins with the top of the comp..
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Oriental fragrance for men was launched in 1995, offering lavender and mintThe base notes are bergamot, orange blossom and cinnamon. The base notes are amberAnd sandalwood..
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Enjoy the elegant, masculine scent of Eau de Parfum, an intense oriental woody version of the original Eau de Parfum for men.If you are a fan of the original, but are looking for something a little bolder and more confident, this edition is designed specifically for you.It builds on the spicy aroma ..
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