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Brand: cartier
Oud & Amber perfume from the French international fashion house Cartier. Oud & Ambre is a luxurious oriental fragrance that harmonizes with both genders. The fragrance was newly launched in the year 2020.A fragrant aromatic blend with amber and oud..
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Brand: cartier
Cartier Bizert Vaux is a stunning scent fragrance of the most beautiful and newest perfumes of this house with sweet notes and a soft creamy luscious scent that takes you in another world of beauty.You will be so captivated by this fragrance, the aromatic composition sparkles with the fragrant or..
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Brand: cartier
Cartier Beasier Bean perfume is a surprisingly easy Cartier Bean Bottle. Every aspect of the Tulip femininity flower is explored for the first time in this fragrance.Tulips: Passion Flower, which makes you a charming babe, expecting your partner under her magic. It is composed of elegant lily pea..
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Brand: cartier
A sexy fragrance for women with an attractive floral imprint.It was announced by a charming floral fragrance that exudes an enchanting aromatic blend accompanied by narcissus, ylang-ylang, whistling, lily, violet, tulip andaroma.A special women's perfume is a distinctive bouquet with a glowing b..
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Brand: cartier
Cartier Cart hair and body freshenerIt is a distinctive bouquet with a bottle that glows like a diamondIt captures light and reflects it in multiple colorsWith a distinctive aromatic scent of daffodil...
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Cartier Declaration d'Un Soir Eau de Toilette-100ml
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Brand: cartier
Belong to the Musk floral floral fragrance set for men. From modern editions of the Cartier Global Jewelry House.Strong, very manly, luxurious, its color and stability are excellent and serve as a personal signature that attracts attention on occasionsIdeal for large occasions and weddings, it ha..
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Brand: cartier
A sexy fragrance for men from the woody oriental family, the fragrance was newly released in 2018.The fragrance is sparkled with an exciting aromatic blend of oriental notes, blended with leather and spicy notes with cedar. ..
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Brand: cartier
Belongs in a group of musk floral woody fragrances for men, classified as one of the sharpest oriental woody fragrances.Top Notes: Mandarin, Neroli, Artemisia and Coriander.Medium notes: cardamom, pepper, jasmine and iris.Base notes are Cedarwood, Vetiver, Suede and Amber.Recommended for daytime us..
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Brand: cartier
It brings out the personality and attractiveness of everyone who uses it.Top notes: orange, bergamot and rice.Middle notes are birch, oak and cardamom.Base Notes: Vetiver, Rosewood and Moss. ..
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Brand: cartier
Citric acid perfume for men.Top notes of lemon and pink grapefruit.Heart notes of pink pepper.The main ingredients are cedar. ..
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Brand: cartier
Belongs to the aromatic acid perfume collection, designed for both sexes, issued by the global perfume and jewelry house CartierIts composition includes a wonderfully fresh freshness collection, consisting of French orange and coriander, violet and lavender leaves, and a mixture of white amber, p..
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Brand: cartier
From the Cartier House of Fragrances and Jewelery, belongs to the Aromatic Acidgroup,Designed for both sexes.This perfume is issued by the international fashion house CartierThe composition of the fragrance includes several fresh flavors of amber, violet and violet leaf, and cedar..
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