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carolina herrera

Belongs to the musky floral woody collection of men, a scent with a sexy and spontaneous scent.Top notes are bergamot, lavender and green notes.Middle Notes: Gardenia, Pepper, Ginger.Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Incense and Musk.Oriental Woody Perfume for Men, reflects the style and attitude o..
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Oriental fragrance for men gives you high attractiveness and excitement, with its elegant aroma, mix of mandarin, cardamom, vanilla, musk and amber. ..
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A sexy oriental floral fragrance that represents the essence of charming sensual femininity, and gives you an irresistible scent that combines passion and tenderness, with a mixture of bergamot, gardenia and vanilla. ..
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A new aromatic fragrance that carries elegance and luxury together, and gives you a calm but very refreshing scent, The new fragrance, released in 2017, belongs to the aromatic family Aromatic Fougere.The perfume has a fresh anise and fennel, and is then moved to the heart of lavenderThe fra..
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Vip Black Red Perfume by Carolina Herrera comes with a spicy woody aroma for men with exceptional aromatic notesThe fragrance opens with an aromatic top of cardamom, spicy notes and gingerPassing through the heart of the seductive fragrance accompanied by absintheThe base of the fragr..
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Oriental fragrance for women, dazzling and exclusive representing the elegance and creativity of the youth of New York, is a delightful sensual fragrance, carefully selected, and very elegant.You will feel that you have everything you could wish for, with a seductive, sparkling and unique scent.I..
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An oriental woody fragrance for men, with a soft, invigorating, pleasant aroma.Top notes are linden, caviar, ginger, black pepper and passion fruit.Its middle notes are vodka, gin, iced mint and spices.The base notes are leather, amber and king wood. ..
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A fruity floral fragrance for women, embodying the charm, elegance and fun atmosphere of modern New York parties, with a mixture of champagne, peach buds and white musk.A fragrance of fruits and flowers for a modern woman, refreshing, sexy, soft, light and invigorating.Top notes are pink champagn..
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The Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé perfume for hair is a great complement to the perfumes of the same collection. It is very gentle to the hair, so you can use it several times during the day. ..
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A pungent floral fragrance that inspires its positivity and delicate nature of tomatoesits spontaneity of sweet tiramisu, and its appeal of queen woodTop notes start with liqueur accompanied by raspberry and tomatoPassing in the alluring heart accompanied by hot notes, tiramisu and Bulgaria..
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Fruity floral fragrance for modern women. Inspired by New York City's dancing nightlife.It has a fresh, sparkling scent and a charming, insatiable scent.Top notes are grapefruit and pineapple.Its middle notes are orange blossom, solar rose, orchid.Its main notes are musk and woody notes...
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Belongs to the Eastern Collection, designed for both sexes, released by Carolina Herrera in 2015.Built by the famous designer puig, the fragrance comes with amber, rose and vanilla flavor, ..
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