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Yves Saint Laurent

One of the oriental flowers, one of the best-selling perfumes. A daring fragrance for Eastern women, designed to give you a feeling of vitality and freshness.Sweet, creamy, fluffy, warm, unique and enchanting.Top notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and pear.Heart notes of jasmine and coffee.The b..
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Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Toilette-90ML
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Glamorous floral fragrance for modern women, with a green, warm, seductive aromatic scent.Top notes are black currant, pear, citrus and tangerine.Its middle notes are coffee, jasmine tea and orange blossom.Its main notes are white musk and white wood. ..
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A fragrance of a floral family with sparkling fruits for women. Great season for spring and summer. The newest edition of Yves Saint Laurent will sink in loveThe aromatic composition is sparkled with a wonderful mixture and a rich and refreshing blend opened by the aromatic base with lemon, berg..
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Black opium for hair from Yves Saint Laurent was released 2018 Oriental Vanilla for women consisting ofCoffee, cedar, patchouli and orange blossom give the hair a scent that lasts all day..
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Black Opium Intense by Yves Saint Laurent was launched the 2019 oriental pink fragrance for womenThe fragrance is made of humanized orange, orange blossom, bean, coffee, sandalwood and vanilla..
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Black Opium Neon by Yves Saint Laurent perfume was released 2019 Eastern Vanilla for womenFrom the dragon, mandarin, orange blossom, coffee, pepper, musk and vanilla, the scent is distinguished by its aromatic scent.To embody an attractive fragrance with a lively touch..
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Feminine is attractive in the fashionable character of the modern woman of Saint Saint Laurent, she is elegant, dynamic but lively, with a charming presence.It is the newest edition of this luxurious home for women full of enthusiasm ..
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The body corse from Yves Saint Laurent was released the 2000 oriental woody fragrance for the man who makes up the fragranceIt includes notes of spices, incense, cedar, camphor and benzoin..
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A feminine fragrance belonging to the oriental floral groupAt the top of the soft, delicate aromatic composition, a refreshing group of clementines, almond blossom, and cyclamen entersThe heart of the fragrance consists of jasmine, peony and narcissusThe aromatic base consists of amber, musk and ..
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Elie by Yves Saint Laurent perfume was released 2007 Oriental floral for women The fragrance is composed of lemonPatchouli, vetiver, lychee, peony, pink pepper, rose..
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A refreshing and luxurious masculine fragrance, treat yourself to the most enjoyable momentsYves Saint Laurent Kouros is elegant and captivating, which includes aldehydes, wormwood, coriander, clary grass and bergamot.The heart consists of cloves, patchouli, cinnamon, iris root, jasmine, vetiver ..
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Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Silver, with its sophisticated aroma, sparkles a refreshing fragrance consisting of apple accord in the foreground with a captivating heart notes of sage, base notes of woods and amber.Belonging to the aromatic wood collection for men, created by perfume designer Michel..
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