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A soft and delicate fruity cypress fragrance for women, released recently in 2017.The fragrance comes out to us with a distinctive blend that starts with the stinging gooseberry and cassis.While the pink heart comes with freesia and the May rose,The aromatic base concludes with white woods, ambrox..
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Armani Acqua di Gio Absolu is an exciting fragrance for men that carries a chic woody aromatic fragrance.The aromatic composition begins its first notes on a fragrant trail with fruit flavor.It is followed by an interesting wave of marine notes supported by woody notes at the heart of the composi..
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A long-wearing new fragrance.Top notes are mandarin, bergamot and neroli.Middle notes include persimmon, rosemary, nasturtium, and yasin.The main ingredients are Moroccan rice, patchouli and Mediterranean citrus.Suitable for regular (daytime) use. ..
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Aromatic line: Aromatic aquaticA new long lasting fragrance.Top notes are mandarin, bergamot and neroli.Middle notes include persimmon, rosemary, nasturtium, and yasin.The base notes are Moroccan cedar, patchouli and Mediterranean citruses.Suitable for regular (daytime) use...
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Acqua Di Gio Profondo Lights Perfume.A sexy aquatic fragrance for men.The fragrance was newly launched in 2021.Exciting and inspiring notes of the senses begin with a captivating touch of marine notes, cardamom and mandarin.Passing in the heart of the composition with mastic, lavender, fir balsam, r..
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An irresistible fragrance for elegant women. It has a refreshing, clear, elegant and exciting scent.Fills the senses with a long-lasting scent.Base notes include mint, halian, lemon primo, and lemon.Its extract exudes a gentle, crystal-clear extract of watery jasmine.Its aroma settles in notes of ..
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A new perfume from the famous Armani Code perfume collectionIt perfectly embodies the modern man of an Armani man "or whoever wears this perfume as Armani Beauty said is Armani Code AbsoluThe signature fragrance composition came from perfumer Givaudan and Antoine MaisondoUsing the base of the ori..
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 Giorgio Armani Code sexy eastern Kashmir for women, an enchanting fragrance for a woman who loves all new.Giorgio Armani is keen to show off its perfumes in all luxury and originality. This perfume is the best proof of this.The aromatic composition opens with a wonderful aromatic fragr..
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Giorgio Armani Code Homme, the first oriental fragrance for men by Giorgio Armani with a timeless sensual touch. The fragrance combines elegance and sophisticationWhile the composition code contains a citron cocktail of bergamotLemon and olive tree flowers, enriched with guaiac wood and tonka be..
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The embodiment of captivating elegance, Armani Code perfumes are inspired by the man with an innate, refined charisma, combining authenticity with affluence.The new Armani Code Eau de Parfum with oriental and woody notes evokes an atmosphere of strong spontaneous alure.In the new Armani Code Eau de ..
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Perfume for men from the family of woody perfumes with spices, the fragrance was launched in 2014.The beginning of the fragrance with mandarin and bergamot flavors.In the middle are the flavors of patchouli and ginger.An aromatic base consisting of sage, cardamom and vetiver...
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Elegant men's fragrance, soft and delicate scent, the fragrance is inspired by the warmth of a men's jacket.The fragrance was launched in the year 2015.The fragrance starts with a mixture of bergamot, lemon, and sage.The fragrance mediates a mixture of violet flowers, cardamom, cumin.The fragrance b..
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