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Brand: Chopard
A feminine fragrance with a floral fragrance with sparkling fruits. The fragrance was newly launched in 2020.An aromatic bouquet that smells fragrant, with notes blending lightly and smoothly With tangerine, violet, rose, sectarian rose, damask rose, pink pepper and cinnamon.&nbs..
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Brand: Chopard
This fragrance exudes a blend of lavender flowers and refreshing notes of bergamot, while notes of juniper berries add exceptional freshness.The heart of the fragrance consists of green herbal scents and violet flower, which gives the fragrance a bold character.A refreshing fragrance characterized b..
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Brand: Chopard
A unique and powerful oriental fragrance for men, irresistible! It was launched in 2017.The top layer is spices, the middle layer is lavender, and the base notes are amber and myrrh.This is the fragrance that represents your distinct personality.Experts in the field of perfumes, cosmetics and careSh..
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Brand: Chopard
It is an oriental perfume designed for unisex, luxurious and preciousOne of the most beautiful oriental perfumes because it celebrates the finest aromatic ingredients from the east, distinguished by a distinctive and exciting mysterious energyThe aromatic composition comes with amber, incense, n..
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Brand: Chopard
This rich and powerful incense elixir unfolds in luxurious layers of bright spices, smoky dark woodsand intensely aromatic oils and gums. Its addictive trail, layered with oud and warm leather notes, evokes royal fragrant ceremonies and exhilarating swirls of burning resins. Echoing the Maison’s..
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Brand: Chopard
Chopard Casmir is an amazing oriental women's fragrance. It gives women more emotion and a sense of smell full of warmth and love. Long lasting and perfect for evening abs.The composition of the aromatic top includes a sparkling collection of bergamot, coconut, peach and mango.It is followed ..
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Brand: Chopard
Chopard Cedar Royal Eau de Parfum 80 mlA sensual ode to the majesty of cedar, one of the world's oldest aromatic ingredients, uses tree oil as its base. The scent is complemented by notes of grapefruit and lavender to soften the intense woody bouquet, and it uses two different types of cedarwood - ..
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Brand: Chopard
It is the fragrance that you describe as magic. They see that every woman has the right to live a fairy tale.The strong secret is in the notes of perfume that include fruit, floral, plum, jasmine, patchouli and cashmere.What distinguishes the fragrance is the luxurious bottle of perfume that expr..
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Brand: Chopard
Chopard Happy Spirit Princess Damour with a floral fragrance and a touch of sweetness (Princess of Love) comes to celebrate the eternal romanceA unique fragrance with breathtaking oriental woody tones,It features opening notes rich in captivating pink pepper,It embraces a harmonious blend of fra..
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Brand: Chopard
A floral fragrance for women. It is a 2007 edition, and its publications are still listed.The aromatic top comes on top with the composition accompanied by raspberry and bitter orangeIt is followed by an aromatic heart, accompanied by aisla and osmanthusThe aromatic base ends with cashmere, amber..
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