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Brand: Sisley
Perfume with a sexy feminine romantic scent.Top notes are green mandarin, grapefruit, and floral fruits infused with a hint of spice.Medium notes of jasmine, green tea and juniper fruits.Base notes are chypres of hesbirds diluted with musk ..
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Brand: Sisley
Filled with orange mandarin, grapefruit and then you are noticed by fragrant Syringa, pepper, Juniper, lily of the valley, rose,Moss oak, patchouli, ylang-ylang, labdanum, jasmine, iris, cloves.The fragrance settles down, you will feel the smell of amber and musk. ..
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Brand: Sisley
Oriental perfume for women. It has a refreshing scent, captivating and smoky.Top notes are bergamot, geranium and saffron.Its middle notes are black pepper, Turkish rose and geranium.Its base notes are incense, sandalwood and patchouli.Suitable for autumn or winter use ..
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Brand: Sisley
A strong aroma based on a fruity chypre blend.It comes in an elegant bottle with figurine cap - moon and woman.Top notes of citrus, coriander, fresh pepper and nutmeg.Middle notes are rose, mimosa and peach.The base notes are moss, patchouli, honey, musk and sandalwood ..
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Brand: Sisley
A sexy, feminine, romantic fragrance.Top notes are green mandarin, grapefruit and floral fruits enhanced with a hint of spice.Middle notes are jasmine, green tea and juniper fruits.Its main ingredients are the chypre of Hesperides diluted with musk..
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