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roberto cavalli

Stylish and feminine oriental floral fragrance. The fragrance was recently launched in 2019.Rich aromatic notes enrich the composition, starting with a refreshing mixture of freshnessAccompanied by tangerine and pink pepper.It is followed by an aromatic heart with cocoa, neroli and pepper.The com..
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Oriental perfume for men and women. Divine Oud was launched in 2016.This fragrance will accompany you on a magical journey into a world full of wonders and secrets, thanks to its mysterious fragrance made with a mixture of oud and flowers.A world of mystery and excitement will open up for you, w..
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Roberto Cavalli perfume belongs to the category of amber and floral. It is a fiery and sunny fragrance whose top notes, from which pink pepper emerges, exude a strong, authentic character.It is also vibrant and sensual, making you happy and enchanting from the first moment.An oriental floral frag..
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Roberto Cavalli sexy pink feminine fragrance for women (Perfume) Top Notes: Lemon, Mandarin, Cypress Middle Notes are Quince, Gardenia, Cashmere Wood Base notes are patchouli, honey It was released in 2019. A floral fragrance that embodies the attractive and unique personality of Florence...
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Roberto Cavalli Florence Blossom Eau de Parfum-75ml Roberto Cavalli Florence Blossom Eau de Parfum-75ml
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A delicate feminine fragrance with a floral fragrance. The fragrance was recently launched in 2019.An attractive aromatic blend with a seductive aroma, refreshed by the top of the composition, accompanied by black currant, tangerine and bergamot.The middle of the composition is centered with..
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A luminous ode to the most refined arts, from sculpture to painting, architecture or landscaping, Florence is also known for its fabulous flowers. It is a city of light and delight that harmoniously balances nature and culture, past and present, splendor and joie de vivre. The Roberto Cavalli Floren..
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A sexy floral oriental fragrance for women. The fragrance is released in 2018.Made from fresh and floral flowers for a distinctive, mysterious scent and with a very distinctive bottle design.The fragrance is sparkled with an exciting and enchanting aromatic mixture that begins with an attractive ..
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A daring oriental perfume for men and women, the most recent edition of 2016.The aromatic composition sparkles with a distinctive and enchanting composition with pear and coriander, a soft and delicate touch of vanilla and the warmth of amber. ..
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Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli was released in 2013 Fragrant Leather for MenBlack Pepper, Ginger, Saffron, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Green Tea, Tonka..
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Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli released 2017 pink for women The fragrance is composed of orange blossom and amberThe rose, mango and neroli give the fragrance a subtle scent that is suitable for daylight times..
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A woody-aromatic fragrance for men.It was released in 2003.Top notes are ginger, bergamot and lemon.middle notes are lavender, wormwood, cedar wood and leather.base notes are sandalwood and musk...
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Nero Assoluto is a refined & sophisticated scent that belongs to the woody floral family. Its refinement stems from the preciousness and demanding quality of its key ingredients.An oriental floral fragrance that gives you the perfect presence wherever you go, with an amazing mixture ..
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